Pixie’s Li’l Guide To Astral Traveling

Hello and good day to everyone and all!

Just taking a moment out to share a bit about an area of my life that I find to be quite extraordinary. That area of awe and mystery that raptures all of us, the astral realms where I have visited time and time again. Its my belief that when we all dream we enter another interlocking world existing around us, whether we consciously are aware of this or not.  Not to mention the myriad of other souls that we can communicate with there and learn great lessons from, converse with! Just think of what can transpire!
I am assuring you that with some patience and a strong desire to dream lucidly, you can began to explore your dreams with new eyes! Your senses will be heightened and you will begin to realise that you are truly a free spiritual being!
In these magical realms, many breathtaking events can take place, signs and sigils significant to our spiritual well-being can present themselves. So many possibilities and alternatives that we can only imagine in waking day can materialise as well in our dreams, which are very enigmatic.
My special interests in the dream realms have taken me further on my path to the discovery of Self. I long to share with you my findings and it is my honour to assist you on a journey that proves that you control your own destiny.
Often, while discussing astral traveling and lucid dreams, I am asked for advice, tips and assistance to successfully being fully conscious in the astral dream realms. Although, I am far from an expert on dreams, I have discovered methods that have made my travels more effortless and  am positive they can be for some of you! I especially love to assist those who seek guidance so I decided to compile my simple and helpful list to astral projection and lucid dreaming. ^_^
Alright, perhaps it would be wise to provide a checklist to help keep things simplified and in order.
1. You will need a nice blank study notebook or journal – YES yes. It is essential for beginners to record their dream adventures. When I first began, I would record as many details of my dreams the moment I awakened. It is also important  to keep this journal close at hand beyond reach along with writing pen. I find that after awakening from a nice vivid dream to use restroom or move around much causes your dream to slip further away, so just lie there, grab your pen and scribble away as soon as you awaken. Some people do not understand the significance of this, well I believe its an exercise for the memory and also a way to train you to recognise when you are dreaming.
2. Alright the next important thing – turn your sleeping quarters into your nice comfy sanctuary. For those of you who know a bit of Feng Shui, this may benefit in this area as well. I would suggest colours that soothe you, nice flowing curtains, a good comfy mattress if you can manage. These things aren’t exactly necessary but it does indeed help but for those of you who cannot provide themselves this bed environment, please do not get discouraged, alright?
3. Okay you MUST please turn off ANY televisions. For some odd reason, these propaganda boxes interfere with the ability to astral travel. TURN THEM OFF!!!!!
4. Love soft music? Good. Whatever soothes your spirit, play it. Play it right before you go to sleep softly in the background, just loud enough to hear like soft whisper.I am not suggesting that it has to be ‘soft’ just music that relaxes your soul, calms your mind. Put fav songs on REPEAT mode. My personal favorites is the melodiies orchestrated by the composer Nobuo Uematsu who does music for the Final Fantasy series. Yes I know, he’s the best, hehe but seriously, those and other instrumentals are what set me soaring the astral skies and they follow me on my adventures so its as if i am exploring to a soundtrack. How nice, right?
NOTE * Eat nice light, healthy meals, drink fresh water often and avoid artificial food additives whenever possible and those of you who like to indulge in alcohol – no NO! Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a li’l spirits too here & there but it can affect you greatly and prevent you from experiencing lucidity.
5. Just before sleeping and when you feel as though you can lie down and crash within minutes, get relaxed in best comfy position as possible or lie on your back. Relax all limbs as much as possible, release any tensions, a nice massage would be a plus, too. Clear your thoughts and do some forms of meditation, like Vipasana which is an easy basic one.
6. This may sound silly but on some occasions to help quiet my mind and relax, I would gaze for a moment at a light source, a lamp bulb or something and then close my eyes and make the light swirls dance around in the blackness of my vision. Yes I know but it works everytime. I will do this while in comfy position as my body fell asleep and next thing I know, astral realms here I come!
7. While lying there, your body falls asleep. Basically, all you are really doing is keeping the mind awake, yourself as your body falls asleep. There is a tingly sensation when that happens that tempts you to move. DON’T! Let it flow through you, it feels good and you’ll only interupt your whole purpose if you do.
8. In my early stages, a few times I experience what I feel a temporary blindness while slipping out the body. This scared me and pulled me back in instantly. It reminds me of how like a string snaps itself back into a yo-yo. So next important thing HAVE NO FEAR!!! Be confidant. KNOW that you will soon be roaming astral realms!!
9. While sleepy and ready to drift off, try focusing on a particular person, someone very dear and precious to you. Their face, mannerisms, voice, gestures, etc. repeat their name over and over in your head and visualise. This method is way of initiating contact with this person in your astral adventure so double the fun!!! WARNING I must advise that your dream person is someone who is also asleep and is fully aware of the attempt at doing this and consents with your visitation for obvious reasons.
Alright ‘whew’ that sums about everything up. I will be back to add/edit anything I left out and I hope that this information was helpful to yall.  Some websites on astral traveling and lucid dreaming offer great information and assistance but I am sure some can agree, it can get too technical and discouraging.
I will also consider creating a discussion for those who would like to share their experiences and the fun things they have done and spiritual lessons they have learned. YAY! Its your turn to fly!
So go on! Get started tonight! I guarantee that once you begin your adventures in these beautiful realms, you will never want to discontinue!! Happy adventures and good luck!!
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  1. Hi Pixie!
    I love your blog , its so emotional and free. Love is the only key to survival .
    Blessed Be / KA

    • Hello dearie,

      That is so kind and sweet to say! Yes that is my intention, to keep love alive and share it!

      Love you dear xx

  2. Hey Pixie! Nice blog.

    I enjoyed reading it all.

    Speaking of astral travelling / Lucid dreaming, last night i burnt a pile of mugwort in a dish. It filled the room full of it’s smoke for a good hour at least.

    Also i was smoking sage in my cigs.

    I’m currently staying at a friends house for the week. He’s got an amazing front room, and there is a lovely warm contrast of colours, with beautiful pictures around. Quite a few crystals on the mantelpiece too.

    So anyways, i eventually go to sleep on his couch (very comfortable), and had a very interesting dream.

    Met up with a couple of great friends, who i haven’t seen for many years. Made them a joint, and we chatted away.

    Nothing unusual, except for the fact that the dream was just like i was in normal waking state!

    Time was flowing by, as if it was here now, and everything was clear and solid. Usually my dreams are always constantly changing, and i am lighter and able to float around.

    This has to be because of the mugwort around in the room with us!

    I was doing some reading about it this morning, and it seems to be associated with astral travel and lucid dreams!

    Check it out, and maybe try get hold of some if you can. Ain’t no silly laws against it, so it’s perfectly legal.

    Lots of love to you, and happy travels!


    x x

    • Hello dear Ant! Nice of you to visit!!

      Yes astral traveling can be induced by so many things! I prefer more of a natural way like thru herbs and stuff like you mentioned. I will be looking into some herbs as well.

      Sounds to me you have had a very mystical experience and a chill one with friends! perhaps they can recall the same dream!

  3. Hi Pixie , Thanks for the introduction to astral Travelling which i only heard about but didnt know what it was or what it involved

    ill have a nice cup of tea anytime with you and your nice freinds as tea is my favorite drink and think its really great for you and my favorite one keeps you young looking , you said you loved trees well ive never known anyone to have a relationship with trees in a more deep personal way it seems but i sure love nature , i know trees live long and which is part why i think tea would assist into old age like becoming like a tree tea body lets say then , ive never been drunk at the age on 28 never wanting to get into the drinking game and ive never smoked either so hope thats really benificial to my love for tea
    many teas ive never tried but ill drink most traditional supermarket ones , i use to take sugar but now its just a bit of milk i take now
    i liek to have about at least 5 cups a day but at the most id guess about 7 cups a day , i should start counting and sink it in , ive always liked the idea of going a max of ten a day and no feel for anymore as that should feel enough

    Cheers witha nice cup of tea with you Pixie lol

    Gary x

  4. i forgot to mention i love going out for runs also to assist myself doing my best so thats my way of keeping fit , thats all ive ever done never been into the gym as i preffer to go out to get the fresh air and take in the sceneray like the farm i run through and the quiet roads which is all just up the road from me so its all nice and quiet for me

    Gary x

  5. Hello there Gary!!

    Thanks for stopping by! YES!! Tea is one of my best friends, too. Been sipping it all my life. Often I go to the nearest Chinatown and buy different varieties from their shops reeally cheap. My favourite is the Special Gunpowder Green tea which is a loose kind rolled into li’l balls like BBs. I like to brew it loose and let the leaves stay cos I like to chew them up and stuff 🙂

    Another good one to try is Korean Corn tea and you can get that in a Korean grocery store. i first tasted it when I ate at a nice Korean restaurant with friends and I became hooked!! its so robust and naturally sweet mmmmm.

    Glad you like it here!! I hope my astral travel info was enlightening!!

  6. Hi Dear

    such a nice looking blog!! I hope you build it up with nice ‘stuff’. I have no time to do mine i’m still writing stuff but at mo i will not be posting anything for at least a week…

    Have scanned your article, i will read it when i by self and can concentrate 🙂



    P.S – got your emails.

    • Thank you, Rick 🙂

      I am planning to build it up with some nice, feel good type material that will help others to radiate a love vibe. Its very important, I feel and it could be a step to those to heal as well!

      Glad you like!


  7. I added it to my blog roll 🙂

    Hope you are well and this blog will make sure your writings aren’t smothered like on forums!

    • Yes thank you very much Ricky,

      I am doing alot better. Been trying to configure my blog, having some difficulties with categories and don’t know how to add them properly, as you can see.

      A li’l frustrating but yes, I agree about how the forum things get burried and I would love to network with the proper people.

      Glad you linked me up, thanks dear!

      Pixie x

  8. Hello, Pixie.
    I thought the information is well presented, structured professionally, and is one hundred percent accurate to what is required for astral travel. If you don’t have a decent bedroom, or you feel like your body is constantly in danger when you are entering dreams, you’ll never get out. I agree with all your points, and I happen to have a spare notebook, so, I will begin keeping a dream journal. Now if I could just find one of those pens to write with, ha, they keep running out of ink on me.

    I will try what you say, and will talk more with you later. “Mind over everything that matters, and plus up on the soul power.” I agree with you about the music, Nobou Uemetsu is a great composer, and I am a hard core dedicated fan of Final Fantasy. But there is a secret I will tell to you, as I have told some others in recent months.

    Thank you for the excellent presentation.

    • Why thank you, Chad!

      I really sppreciate your kind words and approval! I am very motivated to make this a nice place to visit for everyone so they can feel a sense of peace and get in touch with their heart centre. 🙂

      Thank you for coming by to visit!

      Please have a look at my friend Ricky’s Universal Nature of Life blog, which is new also. You can access it from my blogroll on the right side, dear.
      It touches on every aspect of our grand existence, how we are all inter-connected like big beautiful web.

      YAY! We have to come together and reach out to others with the truth that we haven’t been taught, share it and embrace it.

      Much love and peace to you and everyone else xx


  9. Excellent info, thanks.

    • You’re welcome, Mark!

      Please check out Universal Nature of Life as well. Linky in my blogroll, dear xx

  10. Hey hun,
    love your blog, very insightful and helpful for those who dont kno that much about astral travel…i enjoyed reading through it and found it very helpful Thankyou!
    Take it easy
    Love Ding XxXxX ❤

    • Thank you darling Nicki!

      Glad to know you find it helpful! 🙂 My intentions are to open the doors to this phenomena for those who desire to walk through them.

      Astral traveling is another way to really get to know oneself, at least it has been for me. It has made me complete in recent years and I have never known me like I do now.

      Have a nice day, Nicki! Please feel free to leave any suggestions or share insights as well.

      Pixie x

  11. Hey Pixie,

    You have a neat little thing going on here. Keep it up!


  12. This is a real refreshing thing to see . Someone who knows how to get this message across . The steps are easy to follow . Not too much chat , no ritualistic complicated things to go through , not too much philosophy , straight to the point . Easy to understand , polite on the mind , palitable .
    Why cant all writers of “Astral travel” be like this ?

    It makes the idea seem not only plausible and possible , but makes it real with no mystisism , religion or quarks .

    Something tells me ———this type of writing and advertising is the future of things to come .

    Lets hope so.

  13. What also makes a change is that the writer (PIXIE) isn’t some old hag sitting in her front room with cobwebs in her hair too .
    Makes a change seeing a “real babe” doing this too and I dont cear if this post is wiped off iether coz its true .

  14. Hey sis! Sorry I forgot to post here.. my mind can get a little messy, lol, thanks for posting this info, I’ll start to practice! Who knows, I may visit you once I get the hang of it! Mwahaha! Fear me! 😛

  15. Beautiful page gurl….nice ‘feel’ to it

    Brightest Blessings xxxx

  16. Hello my friend. Haven’t heard from you lately, hope you are ok.



  17. Amazing, truly amazing. I love everything you shared and thank you Pixie! My utmost honor and pleasure! Love & Light to you! Namaste…

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